Intro to Wellness Wednesdays

Week 1

The GANA Wellness Committee will be disseminating a variety of wellness-related reflections biweekly in a segment affectionately referred to as Wellness Wednesdays. The goal of these posts is to expand our understanding of wellness as a whole and to provide insight into individual realms of wellness as they contribute to the whole.

In an effort to explore a variety of concepts related to overall wellbeing, there is no single model or philosophy of wellness guiding these posts; although the commonly accepted eight-dimensional notion of wellness will be used to identify the specific categories of health addressed in each article. Topics covered throughout the year will focus on one or more of the following eight areas integral to total individual and community wellbeing: Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Financial, and Environmental.

Overall, wellbeing most certainly requires a continuous balancing act of the aforementioned categories. By breaking the larger, almost ethereal concept of wellness into easily digestible portions perhaps we may feel better equipped to identify the patterns of wellness we wish to exhibit in our own lives. The hope is that these biweekly musings will offer insights into wellness that are both meaningful and thought-provoking to a diverse audience. With increased awareness, wellness routines may be integrated into daily life in a way that is significant to each reader.