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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists advances patient safety and CRNA practice through advocacy, education, and member engagement.

Our Vision

GANA is an active, networked, and diverse community of CRNAs. We achieve success at all levels and provide value to our members through advancing anesthesia practice and contributing to Georgia’s overall healthcare environment.

Board of Directors

Reed Halterman | GANA Staff

Reed Halterman


Maegan Brass | GANA Staff

Maegan Brass


Wesley Karcher | GANA Staff

Wesley Karcher

Immediate Past President

Jennifer McCuen | GANA Staff

Jennifer McCuen


Stewart Parnacott | GANA Staff

Stewart Parnacott


William Howell | GANA Staff

William Howell


Erica Moore | GANA Staff

Erica Moore


Ryan McLain | GANA Staff

Ryan McLain


Casey Harden | GANA Staff

Casey Harden


Mark Schmitz | GANA Staff

Mark Schmitz


Micah Roderick | GANA Staff

Micah Roderick

Executive Director

Christy Dunkelberger | GANA Staff

Christy Dunkelberger

Legal Counsel

Dina Velocci | GANA Staff

Dina Velocci

AANA President

Janet Setnor | GANA Staff

Janet Setnor

AANA Region 2 Director

John Walraven | GANA Staff

John Walraven

Georgia Governmental Affairs, LCC

Ray Williams | GANA Staff

Ray Williams


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Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists

As required by section 6033(e) of the Internal Revenue Code, we are required to inform you that 24.3% of your state membership dues are allocated toward expenses incurred by the Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists for state lobbying activities. This amount is not deductible for federal income tax purposes. All GANA members are also members of the AANA.