GANA Releases Video Supporting SB 419 for Increased Patient Access to Anesthesia


Atlanta – January 31, 2024 – The Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists (GANA) proudly unveils a powerful two-minute video in support of Senate Bill 419 to expand anesthetic services for Georgia’s patients. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) play a critical role in enhancing patient safety and expanding access to quality care throughout Georgia, particularly in rural areas. There are 81 counties in Georgia that do not have an anesthesiologist, and currently, over 57% of all anesthesia providers are CRNAs.

Senator Larry Walker, the bill sponsor, stated, “This video highlights the undeniable need for change in our healthcare system to address the shortages in rural areas. Supporting Senate Bill 419 means recognizing the vital role that CRNAs play and ensuring that all Georgians have access to the anesthesia care they deserve.”

Dr. Neil Seeley, an anesthesiologist, remarked in the video, “It’s essential to grant the full practice to CRNAs so they can work independently, ensuring excellent patient safety at a lower cost margin. This change is crucial, especially for our communities struggling to find anesthesiologists willing to serve in rural Georgia. It’s about maintaining consistent, quality anesthesia care in areas that need it the most.”

Shannon Broxton, GANA president, emphasized, “This video encapsulates our message and mission—to demonstrate the pivotal role CRNAs play in our healthcare system. Dr. Seeley’s endorsement underlines the widespread support for this legislation, highlighting the benefits of CRNA autonomy not just in cost but also in accessibility and patient safety.”

The video, scheduled for distribution across social media and throughout the healthcare community, showcases the dedication and expertise of CRNAs. GANA encourages media, healthcare professionals, and the public to watch and share the video to support this significant legislative effort.

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