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Letter to GANA members from PAC

GANA Members,

The GANA Political Action Committee (PAC) has served to raise political campaign funds from members on a voluntary basis.  As noted by our past GANA PAC Chairman and President, Sharon Twibell CRNA, “The GANA PAC is hard at work for ALL CRNAs of Georgia. We are striving to protect your ‘right to practice’; your ‘scope of practice’; to protect your workplace; and to better serve our patients in Georgia. We must be diligent, as there are those who would not only like to control us, but to replace us altogether.”

Each of your individual contributions is so important to the association, because collectively they give GANA a mouthpiece.  Each time we present a check on behalf of GANA to the candidates, senators, representatives, and speakers, they take note and see our contributions as a sign of our concern and seriousness for the well-being of our profession, or lack thereof.  We are amid vast change in the health care system, and now more than ever Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists must have a firm foundation to stand on.  This hasn’t been the case in the past as we have fundraised via selling items at annual meetings and online, and we have planned activities at annual meetings, but never yielded the return we hoped for.  The only sure fire way to ensure that the association is being supported, and represented as it should be is to call upon each of you to do your part.

We strongly encourage you to give back to your profession by donating to the PAC fund.  We would hope every single member would find it within themselves to donate $10.00/month through your online donations.  We would also encourage you to become involved via the numerous opportunities listed on the GANA calendar to connect with your GANA Board, and become better educated on where we stand and how we are being affected by the constant legislature amendments and proposals.

Please ask yourselves, do I support my profession’s association?  Could I possibly make it a point to attend the annual meeting every fall to learn how the association is promoting high standards of education, proficiency, and ethics within the field of anesthesia? Would it really be such a stretch if I decided to make myself available for the Proclamation signing or GANA Capitol Day? Am I at least doing the minimum for GANA by making a monthly donation?  I trust you will join us in our efforts to promote and push our GANA PAC.

Carmen Simmons CRNA
Past GANA-PAC Chairman